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Our Smart SEO Sprints approach boosts your traffic in a short time frame, so you can increase revenue faster (without being trapped in a 12-month agency contract).

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Discover our Revenue-First Sprints Framework

We work revenue-first by front-loading the SEO tasks that get you ranking and driving revenue as fast as possible. Absolutely NONE of those long-winded, ineffective 12 month contracts!

Content Sprint
4-6 weeks

Here’s where we build the meaty stuff that gets you ranking fast. Our high-quality and detailed content briefs make sure your writers can easily deliver perfectly optimized content – every single time.

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Links Sprint
6-8 weeks

​Great content needs top-notch links to build trust and authority. We’ll get you the best and most relevant links (from media and industry websites) to drive your content to the next level. Absolutely ZERO link farms or black hat tactics!

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Who started all this?

I’m glad you asked 🙂

Smart SEO Sprints was created by Samantha North, an SEO specialist and previously in-house content manager for one of London’s top fintech unicorns (GoCardless).

I saw first-hand the inefficiency of typical agency contracts, so I decided to launch Smart SEO Sprints to offer a leaner, more agile, and most importantly, more effective SEO service for AI and fintech firms.

Having built several lucrative websites myself, I know exactly what it takes to get fast results – without faffing around with months of “technical SEO” that don’t serve the bottom line.

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See what other founders say about our SEO services

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Nicola Read
Founder, Babbl

Samantha first asked all the right questions to understand our business goals with SEO. She then created a really detailed SEO strategy that gave us so much incredibly valuable guidance, while not being overwhelming. This report not only gave us quick fixes for existing content to get fast results, but also an in-depth plan for moving forward. We recommend Samantha without hesitation!! 

Laura Moore
Co-Founder, The Two Lauras

We’d been struggling to understand how our site was performing from an SEO standpoint. Samantha completed an audit for us and the detail was so comprehensive it kind of blew our minds! She also spent time on a call walking us through exactly what to do to ensure our content works for search. We can’t wait to get cracking on implementing the changes. We’d highly recommend Samantha & hope we can work with her again in the future!

Jacob Suckow,
Founder, Email Empire

Samantha taught me more about SEO in 30 minutes than I’d learned in 5+ years of marketing. It was simple, to the point and wildly actionable. I now have an SEO strategy to last me YEARS that I can handle all on my own. TLDR: Samantha knows her shit when it comes to SEO and blogging. Anyone trying to capture more traffic online would be stupid NOT to work with her. 

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The best way to get visible in Google fast is by 1) getting the technical side of your website dialled in, and 2) publishing a large quantity of properly optimized quality content. But neither of these areas require a 12 month retainer; in fact they work best if they’re front-loaded and tackled all at once. That’s why we work in short, focused sprints of four weeks minimum, with each sprint focusing on a different core aspect of your SEO performance.

We don’t believe in locking clients into long-term contracts, as we can get similar results in just a few months of concentrated work (“sprints”). To see best results, we always start new clients with a minimum engagement of three sprints (Strategy + 2x Content). From then on, you can choose to hire us for additional sprints at any time, paying a flat fee per sprint (with no minimum). For example, many clients hire us for additional Content sprints several times throughout the year.

Smart SEO Sprints provides the strategy and framework needed for successful SEO. As a minimum, you’ll likely need a developer to implement the technical recommendations, along with at least one content writer to write the briefs. We can recommend reliable freelancers if needed.

Yes it does, because every website can benefit from a strong SEO strategy and proper foundational content. Just keep in mind that it will typically take longer to see results, as Google needs more time to rank a brand-new website. Rest assured that with Smart SEO Sprints, you’ll be starting in the best possible way.

Kickstart your organic traffic with Smart SEO Sprints now.

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